Saturday, February 26, 2011

I signed with Tate Publishing - February 24, 2011

August 2010 I submitted my manuscript to Tate Publishing.

September 2010 they offered me a contract.

I didn't accept their contract at that time, but instead spent five months researching and submitting my mss to other companies, even agents. Looking for a better deal. It was all mind boggling. Being an unknown first time author I quickly found out that I am too risky for any major company to take on.

Tate Publishing has a lot of connections with Christian bookstores, as well as all the other major bookstores, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, etc.  My contract is also to include Tate to  marketing, distribute, and to promote my book. As well they offer publicity, a website, book trailer, audio, and e-book.  These are the reasons that I picked them.

February 24, 2011 I signed a contract to have my book published with Tate Publishing. At this time I have been told  that my book will be released sometime around October of this year, about eight months from now.

I'm going to use this blog kind of like a journal through my publishing process.  Like I said earlier this process should take about eight months total. So I've been told. I took the first step - signing the contract.  My next step is to format my manuscript so they can start the four month editing process.

Thanks to everyone who helped me to get this far.

I would love for you to follow my blog as I go through the publishing process. A writers life can be pretty lonely.

Excitedly yours,