Friday, July 21, 2017

New Beginnings

July 21, 2017
I married the man of my dreams on Mother's Day 2017 Kurt Jaeckle, my  husband I will cherish and love him the rest of my life. Kurt is a neuro-oncologist, a brain tumor doctor so he takes care of people with brain tumors. Most of you know that I lost my nineteen-year old daughter Nicki Leach from a glioblastoma, (brain tumor). Often times in life we will find a mate that is like minded. I admire my husband for what he has givin his life to. I will take my last breath with him. He is my soul mate. At our wedding we were lovingly surrounded with family and friends. The true meaning of life is to find your sould mate and build a life together. Always be kind, loving, honest and true to who you are. I will love Kurt, and support him and encourage him to be the best he can be. Surround yourself with goodness, embrace love, kindness, and always live the life you had only imagined.