Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Today Is The Day...

What it means to trust in God. 

     Sometimes I get restless and wonder where God's leading me. I get anxious and weary especially when everything is stable and seems OK. I have to question myself as to why OK is just not enough, and then I talk to God. He always gives me the same answer every time I question Him. He tells me to TRUST HIM. We can plan our future but we can never see our future ahead of us. That's why we must walk by faith. I choose to believe that God has a perfect plan for each and every one of us, and then I wonder if we can screw God's plan up. I think we can. I'm sure I've done it many times. At some point it's time to TRUST HIM. Not just part of the time, but always. I believe He has a better plan for you and me than we do for ourselves. 
I believe that God has our best interest in mind. His timing is not our timing. Patience, trust, acceptence and most of all unconditional love for people and especially for the ones we love is the best way to happiness. It's a choice to let it rest and give it to God. 

She spread her wings and began to fly
She wasn't afraid to try

As God lifted her into the unknown
She gradually didn't feel so all alone
She closed her eyes and said a prayer
And trusted God to take her anywhere

She didn't know where she would land
She simply gave into God's perfect plan 

When she felt afraid she took hold of His hand 
And He assured her HE had designed the perfect plan

It was a simple decision she decided to make - and one she vows to never break!


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Create The Life You Want

We are all given the same amount of time, it's what we do with the time we have that will impact our day to day living... Whatever your day may bring to you, you have a choice on how to handle any situation you may face.  If everything in your day goes well then thank God and enjoy! However if something bad comes your way, you can choose to be strong and handle it with the right attitude. 

A Positive Attitude!

Whatever your circumstances are there will always be a solution. 

Sometimes you have to ask for help from a parent, a child, a friend, or even a professional. You don't have to face a dark day alone when there are so many wonderful people and resources to care for you. But you have to learn to take control and ASK  if you need help. Do all that you can do to rise above pain, and sorrow to enjoy each day and to be happy.. Going after each day with a positive attitude is a choice and is staying focused on feeling good, and never give up. Don't be content in the valley when you can be on top of the mountain. The sky is the limit and you CAN feel the warmth of the sun on your face and body, it's an all over warming. Go out and grab all the sunshine you can and let it warm your heart. You can have what you want- JUST GO AFTER IT!

Sunrise Over Ponte Vedra, Beach :)

Monday, February 3, 2014

As we begin a new year 2014 I'm thankful that we are entering into our eighth year of providing scholarships to young adults with cancer. But I am also concerned!

As we move forward my concern is that donations have fallen short of previous years. 2013 was our worst year to date. It seems that this age group (18-30) are a group of people that are somewhat forgotten. Even when it's a time in life for these young adults when they are either in college or persuing employment with challenges because of cancer treatments.

Since I am unable to do this on my own it will take our young adults who are applying for assistance to spread the word, and get involved in helping to bring awareness about what we do and what they face at this age when diagnosed with cancer.  Most people do not recoginze the need that this age group faces unless they have someone in their family needing assistance.

I am bombarded with phone calls every day from family members, nurses, social workers etc... seeking financial help for their young adults who are in treatment, in college and many are living on their own. They need assistance, treatments are so expensive, and insurance does not cover them. I wish I were getting phone calls from people and businesses who want to donate to these deserving young adults.

Every year I pray and ask God to provide the money to keep the Nicki Leach Foundation up and running. We are also funding a scholarship at the University of North Florida where Nicki attended until she died.

Please spread the word about our need and encourage your family and friends to support the NLF to support us by making a donation! I cannot do this alone.

If you would please donate to our endowment at UNF you can contact me directly or you can contact the University of North Florida and tell them you would like to donate to the Nicki Leach Foundation endowment for student with cancer. I urge you to support this non-profit.