Sunday, October 1, 2017

Tuesday, October 3, 2017 will be (would be) Nicki’s 32ed birthday. As her mother its still terribly hard to believe that she is no longer here to celebrate with us.  And yes, I know she is still with us in spirit and that is comforting ❤️ 

                           But it would be more comforting to be able to give her a hug.         


                                                 Nicolette Beverly Leach 
                                       October 3, 1985  ~  April 29, 2005
     Most of us who knew and loved Nicki remember her for her beauty, grace, and her perseverance. She was always a triple threat because she had a beautiful voice, she could dance and act. Acting was in her blood and she was filled with ambition, and a strong will to succeed. She loved acting and performing, especially on stage. Her ultimate goal was to one day perform on Broadway, so perhaps there is Broadway in heaven.
But more important than Nicki's talents, and her earthly dreams, and goals in the performing arts Nicki is more remembered for her human kindness to all. This is what we all loved about Nicki, and her laughter, she laughed a lot and had a great sense of humor.

Nicki gave great hugs  🤗

Sadly all of Nicki's efforts to succeed in making her dreams come true on this earth were cut short when she was diagnosed with brain cancer, a glioblastoma, brain tumor, the deadliest brain cancer of all with no cure. She had just turned seventeen-years old.
To keep Nicki's memory alive and to honor her request to "find a way to help other young adults who have cancer" the Nicki Leach Foundation was created in 2006 in her memory. In addition to the foundations work with helping young adults who have cancer the foundation also works in collaboration with the glioblastoma/brain cancer research lab at Duke University. More information about our collaboration with Duke can be found on the Nicki Leach Foundation website.
Losing a child is beyond the scope of understanding and is unimaginable to most mothers/parents, and I understand that because the thought was once unimaginable to me.  But if it happens it is something one never "gets over." The pain and grief experienced from the loss of a child lives inside of us like our own hidden cancer with no cure. But there are ways to ease the pain of losing a loved one and through our efforts at the Nicki Leach Foundation to "do good works for others" our suffering can subsidie a little. 

     Nicki had many wonderful friends and family members on this earth besides me, and I know we all miss her in our own way. I hope Nicki's friends and family members will share their own stories of love for her and remembrance of her on her birthday, it means a lot to her family to hear how much she is loved and remembered.
 So, let’s celebrate 🎉 Nicki's birthday October 3, and celebrate her memory together, and at the same time honor other young adults who are currently battling cancer. Nicki would like that!

To make a donation to help a young adult who is battling cancer in Nicki's memory please log into our official website

Love to all... 🙏

Bunny Leach