Sunday, February 3, 2019

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Letting Nicki Go: A Mother's Journey through Her Daughter's Cancer

February 15, 2019

Happy New Year Blog

This year I will begin my blog posts with a bible verse. And since I tend to be a worrier I chose 

Matthew 6:34

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow, will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

 This verse is so true...(for me) the fact that I worry about things that God will resolve with time... if I have patience. So, I wonder, is it my lack of faith? I don't think so, I think it's human nature, at least for me to doubt myself. So, I have to remind myself to 
"let go and let God",  to trust God! 

 I'm going to work on TRUST this year!

Last year my goal was to finish my manuscript and submit it to be published in 2019, and I did!  I knew before I began writing my book that I would face obstacles along the way. But... it was a passion that I write this book, and I was ready to take on the challenge. So, I prayed and I asked God to give me more faith/TRUST in Him. I felt that God wouldn't give me a challenge without giving me the ability to succeed. 

February 15, 2019 my book "Letting Nicki Go", will be launched/published and available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and in major book stores. The book will also be available in the Mayo Clinic gift shops

The sequel to Letting Nicki Go
 "Breathing New Life: Finding Happiness after Tragedy"
will be released  April 2019. 

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  And also please visit the new Nicki Leach Foundation website

Thank you for your kindness ~ I wish you abundant blessings ~ love & peace
  always dream BIG because dreams do come true!
Love & Peace