Monday, January 4, 2016

I can help you to… Create The Life You Want

As a Life Coach I partner with you to help you follow a path that you design so that you will succeed in fulfilling your dreams and goals. Whether it’s your professional or personal life you can create the life you want. I customize my approach to your individual needs by listening intently to what you want to happen, while observing your body language, and tone. I learn your strengths, skills and what resources you have. Life Coaching is not designed to relive your past or to get over your past but rather Life Coaching is a human relationship where I assist you going forward.
A successful coaching relationship typically last six months, but is not unusual to take up to a year to achieve the desired results. Partnering with a coach is a very powerful relationship where I assist you in creating visions, and setting goals for achievement. My part is to assist you in developing strategies, as you discover solutions for roadblocks. I mirror back to you what I hear you say so that you can listen to yourself. Just as a map directs you to a desired destination think of me as your map or your ship set out to sea you will steer the boat and sail to your desired destination.
As you begin to move forward into a new year there may come a time when you feel stuck or come to a roadblock and seek a coach to guide you into a more desirable future.