Saturday, December 2, 2017

Learning To Let Go



                 Finding your path to Peace In a Troubled World    

      "To find peace, sometimes you have to be willing to lose your connection with the people, places, and things that create all the noise in your life."

     As a life coach, I help people find their path to happiness. I help people figure out how to move forward to create a life with purpose and meaning. I can't think of anything I find more rewarding than helping people resolve confusion in their mind. I enjoy helping people see possibilities that are new and fresh so they can move beyond what is holding them back.
      What I've found since I've been coaching people is that we all long for many of the same things, contentment, peace, love, acceptance, and fellowship with others. When I ask people what they desire most, many say that they want a  carefree happy life with little stress.
     Success seems to be at the top of most peoples list, but success is defined differently from one person to the next. Being at peace, being happy, and having great friends go hand in hand, and seem to be universal to humans, even animals long for acceptance and love. The fork in the road is when we run into unexpected obstacles that veer us off our path. Seems that we would all be happier and more content without obstacles? Perhaps that's true but in life, we will at times face the unexpected. Unfortunately, there is disease, and other health problems, depression, drug addiction, accidents, and betrayal, the list is long. These unwanted disruptions that cause people to veer off course can confuse and disrupt not only the person but others around them. At times we will have to overcome unwanted interruptions. This shouldn't cause us to live in fear but rather to be aware that life is full of up's and downs, and problems that have to be resolved. Its how we react and recover from life's setbacks and how soon we get back on our own path that keeps us on course.
      Getting back on your path when something veers you off is the fastest way that you will overcome difficult situations and keep your focus. Your path may be forgiveness, faith, or letting go of something or someone that is holding you back. It's knowing how to come to terms with disappointments, hurts or anything that holds you back. This is what defines strength and perseverance.
     At times I find it difficult to stay focused on my future and keep walking my path. Feelings of regret hold me back. Dwelling on bad decisions I made instead of forgiving myself hold me back.  But what helps me when these thoughts come in is to remind myself that I can't go back and change the decisions. But I can go forward and think deeper and forgive myself.
     My peaceful path is writing, meditating, and taking long walks along the ocean. These are the things I do when I feel stress or have a situation that troubles me. My path is long and full of ups and downs but I've learned to keep walking it even in the winter when there are no flowers in bloom. My winter coat is heavy but I keep walking my path because spring is just around the corner...