Monday, February 3, 2014

As we begin a new year 2014 I'm thankful that we are entering into our eighth year of providing scholarships to young adults with cancer. But I am also concerned!

As we move forward my concern is that donations have fallen short of previous years. 2013 was our worst year to date. It seems that this age group (18-30) are a group of people that are somewhat forgotten. Even when it's a time in life for these young adults when they are either in college or persuing employment with challenges because of cancer treatments.

Since I am unable to do this on my own it will take our young adults who are applying for assistance to spread the word, and get involved in helping to bring awareness about what we do and what they face at this age when diagnosed with cancer.  Most people do not recoginze the need that this age group faces unless they have someone in their family needing assistance.

I am bombarded with phone calls every day from family members, nurses, social workers etc... seeking financial help for their young adults who are in treatment, in college and many are living on their own. They need assistance, treatments are so expensive, and insurance does not cover them. I wish I were getting phone calls from people and businesses who want to donate to these deserving young adults.

Every year I pray and ask God to provide the money to keep the Nicki Leach Foundation up and running. We are also funding a scholarship at the University of North Florida where Nicki attended until she died.

Please spread the word about our need and encourage your family and friends to support the NLF to support us by making a donation! I cannot do this alone.

If you would please donate to our endowment at UNF you can contact me directly or you can contact the University of North Florida and tell them you would like to donate to the Nicki Leach Foundation endowment for student with cancer. I urge you to support this non-profit.

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