Friday, January 31, 2014

Sixty Is The New Forty ~ thank's to Christie Brinkley,,20780764,00.html

 Sixty is the new forty at least for this woman!

Christie Brinkley turns 60 and poses in her bathing suit on the cover of People magazine!

I sing praises to Christie Brinkley and commend her on staying healthy and fit. She is just gorgeous at sixty. Just as the old saying goes "age is just a number", well yes it is. Most woman at forty years of age are taking care of kids and working probably leaving little time to themselves. Having raised two kids myself I can agree that when a woman reaches sixty and has kept herself in shape, and has a healthy diet the world is seen through different eyes. When I was forty I was running around taking care of everyone else, before myself, but don't get me wrong I loved it. I loved caring for my family and my kids. As a stay at home mom I spent twenty-years devoting my time to my family. I did it by choice. But I can't deny that I love where I'm at in my life now, and feel healthier than I did ten years ago. Why, because I have more time for me than I did when I was raising two kids. Christie has always been know for her commitment to health and fitness. She works out at the gym daily, runs, loves skiing, and sailing. She's been a vegetarian since she was a teen. Her healthy habits and positive attitude show on her face and body. Thank you, Christie for being a healthy, happy role model for woman of every age, but especially for making a statement that woman can make a choice to be healthy and fit and rock the cover of a magazine in her swimsuit at 60!

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